Saturday, December 31, 2011

A New Beginning

The New Year is a chance to forget the old and begin anew. It's a time to change and learn from mistakes and past experiences. A time to explore and try new things.
New Year is one of my favorite celebrations not because I get to dress up, party and eat all night because honestly I don't do any of that. I actually celebrate New Year at home watching New Year Celebration parties on television and drinking red wine with my parents as the clock hits 12 midnight.

So why do I love New Year? It's because it gives me hope that something better can come to my life and it holds a future full of surprises.

Since the New Year is a time for new things,I have prepared my New Year's Resolution for 2012. It's a list of new things I want to try and achieve.

1.  Live a Healthier Lifestyle.

Actually I have already started by going on a 7 Day General Motor's Diet. A way to cleanse myself from everything I have eaten during the Holidays. Hopefully this could jumpstart better eating habits. I plan to start walking around the oval track after work, and I have decided to at least walk home from work 3x a week.
I'm not in it to be thin because I actually very happy being a plus size. It's more of wanting to be healthier since I am not getting any younger.

2.  Win the Biggest Loser Contest at my workplace.

You got me! I also want to live a healthier lifestyle because I want to win a contest we started at work last Dec 16 which will go on until March 16, 2012.
Of course cash awaits the one who will win, but aside from the cash, I got into this because it's easier to get healthy when you're surrounded by people who have the same goal. When you are busy with piles of paperwork, it just gets more difficult to stand up and take time to exercise. Hopefully, with 13 people in this contest, I can be motivated to get myself out of my desk and in the oval track.

3. Get Out of the Singles' Valentine's Day Group




This may sound really funny, but my friends and I started a Singles' Valentine's Day Group because we wanted to celebrate just like everyone else during this very commercialized day. I think we have been doing it for about 5 or 6 years. It has been really fun. We usually eat dinner together and watch a movie or drink coffee after.  Believe it or not, I have been going with almost the same people every year. What's actually funny is that every member hopes to be out of the group by the next year, so instead of saying, "See you next year", it's more of, "Hopefully next year, I'm not part of this group anymore".
In my workplace a lot of us are still single. Being single is not that horrible because you have all your time for yourself and you can stay focused on what really matters to you, however, at one point in your life everyone wishes for something different or for someone to sway her off her feet
So if I have one favorite resolution...I think this would be it! To do everything I can to get out of this group. Kidding aside, I love my friends who have been celebrating Valentine's each year with me. They are my true and closest friends, and I have been having a blast with them...but I wish that every single one of us finds that someone who will make us happy.

4. Open a Personal Saving's Account

I know I should have done this a long time ago since I have been working for 8 years already... but I think I never had the courage to have one. I must let you in on a secret. I really had this fear of putting my money in the bank because from time to time, I'd here of banks that would close, and people being left without anything, so I decided to just keep my money or ask someone else ( a trusted friend of course) to keep my money for me, but I think I now know better. I need to save for my future ahead so that when I'm grey and old, I wouldn't have to worry, and I can enjoy the fruits of my labor.
So yes!!!! I have finally gathered courage to open an account this 2012.

5. Spend my Summer in Korea and Bellarocca Island in Marinduque

South Korea

Bellarocca Island

Korea has always been a dream of mine and I'm very excited to announce that I'll be going this summer. Aside from Korea, I'll also be going to the Luxury Island, Bellarocca which is called the Greece of the Philippines.
I love to Travel and I make it a point to visit a new place every summer. I have been to countries like France, Israel, London, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore and China and I just can't wait to go to more countries in the future. God has truly blessed me with the opportunity to travel and explore the world : )

6. Cut down on Retail Therapy

I love to shop for clothes, shoes and accesoories! They are all my weaknesses, but this year, I promise to make wiser choices when I buy, except of course, when items are on SALE or when Erzullie, the best plus size brand, releases new fierce items. I don't think I'll be able to stop myself from buying great finds.

7.  Do Better at WORK

I believe I am a workaholic and perfectionist... It has its disadvantages like staying really late in the office or not having enough energy to do anything else but sleep once I get home, but the I love my work, and I want keep doing my best and improving myself. So for 2012 my promise would be to do even better without forgetting to put a balance in my life.

8.  Clean Up and Organize

I must admit that I love this cabinet and wish I could fix all my things this way. This 2012, I promise to let go of things I have not worn or used so that I can get/ buy new stuff haha. 
Honestly, I cannot open myself to new things if I keep holding on to the old ones, so to be able to reinvent myself, I have promised to let go and free myself from anything holding me back.
I will give more to charity and to anyone in need.

9. Try something new or adventurous

Well, it doesn't have to be as adventurous as the picture above. May be sport a new hairstyle or learn a new hobby. I haven't really thought of this in detail yet, but I promise to do something different this 2012.

10. Pamper myself

Because I'm always so busy, sometimes I forget the most important thing in my life and that's me. 
I promise to give myself more time by putting a balance in everything I have to do. 
How will I enjoy life when I don't even have time to enjoy me : )
This year I will not forget to treat myself for a spa, massage or even just good make up.
This year "I" will be the priority.  

2012 brings hope, but for some, it brings fear because of all the talk about the END of the World. Whether those rumors are true, one things is for sure... don't waste your time thinking of what if's or how the world will end.
Enjoy life while you still have it. Live every day as if it is your last so that when that end comes (we certainly don't know when that is) we can say that we have lived life to the fullest without regrets.

Happy New Year Fierce Ladies, until next time




  1. Oh god, dear. #3. That's my number 1 goal this new year haha. Here's to us! :D

  2. Haha!!! I knew it! Most of my true single friends want out! Sad but True! love you dear