Friday, December 30, 2011

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

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I must admit that 2011 was not all fireworks for me especially if I compare it to 2010. However, I must say that I am still very lucky and have a lot of things to thank God for this year.

As we begin the year end countdown and prepare for the year to come, let me do a count down of my own.

My 2011 Billboard Top Ten
Top 10: Wedding of two good friends.
I was happy to be part of the wedding of my two good friends. One got married in August, and the other just one just this December.

Top 9: My happy and healthy Family, and alot of TRUE friends
As a family, we go through struggles and difficulties together, which always makes things easier : ) This is the reason why we can get through anything that comes our way. We also spend as much quality time together as we possibly can even if we are all busy with work and school. We have dinners, watch movies and even shop together. I am truly blessed with a great family, whom I can depend on 24/7.
 Our 2011 Christmas Photo

 Celebrating my Mother's Birthday

Having Family Time at Happy Lemon 
(together with us is the boyfriend of my sister and girlfriend of my brother)

... and a lot of TRUE friends who are there for me no matter what : ) and who support me all the way

Top 8:  Getting Rid of My Car
Having my own car was always my ultimate dream. However because I rushed into getting a secondhand car, and didn't have an expert with me when I got it... my dream became a nightmare. After 8 months of keeping up with the repairs, I decided to sell it : ) It was honestly the worst investment I made in my life, and have learned so much from it. On the bright side, it had the best sound system ever and the cutest hello kitty car accessories.
 I also discovered that I had a lot of great loving friends who helped me when I needed them for car advice.

Top 7 :  Getting my Finances back on track. 
Yes!!! After selling my car, everything went back to how it was suppose to be : ) I actually felt my car was bad luck, but now that it is gone, my money is actually starting to go where I want it to... like having fun, bringing my family out or on great fashion finds.
Now, I'm ready to save again and spend on myself and my family.

Top 6: Trip to Boracay, Laiya and Cebu

I was lucky enough to spend my summer in 3 amazing places with great friends.

In Boracay with my Summer Vacation Group

In La Luz Beach Resort, Laiya Batangas, where both the beach and food are amazing. Of course, the company was awesome too.

In Cebu for a Seminar -Since our trip was actually work related, I had time to discover and learn a lot of new relevant things while having lots of fun and meeting new friends : )

Top 5: Taylor Swift's Concert In Manila
Even if my sister and I had to line up for about 6 hours in Araneta Coliseum to get good seats, it was seriously all worth it! Taylor Swift is a total performer, and I got my money's worth. I don't regret having to stand in line just to see her perform.

Top 4:  Reunion with my Grade School Classmates
More people actually committed to going to this reunion, but only a few actually came. Anyway, it was still great to see my former classmates and friends. The last time I saw them was 15 years ago. Hopefully, next time, we get more people to come.

Top 3:  Four Day Silent Retreat in Batangas
At first, I thought I would not survive being quiet for four days...but I DID, and it wasn't that hard!!! I discovered a lot about my life. Thanks to my great group and Spiritual Director. This was a time for me to sit down, pray and talk to God. I thank God for this opportunity to get away from my very busy life.

Top 2:  My Surprise Birthday Party and Buying my First Expensive Bag (As Birthday Gift To Myself)
My office mates, mostly in pink, surprised me on my 28th birthday

I don't like spending too much on myself, but I just couldn't resist this Coach bag and the offer I got from my friend

Top 1: Being Part of the Erzullie Family

Having them as part of my life really completed and made a difference this 2011. : )

 As 2011 comes to a close, I thank God for all the blessings he has given me. May 2012 be as bright or even brighter, not just for me but for everyone I love and care about.

Until next time, Fierce Ladies



  1. Happy New Year too, Beautiful : ) Continue to inspire other women just as you have inspired me