Friday, December 09, 2011

Where Can Plus Size Women In The Philippines Shop?

I won't lie and tell you that it has been easy to find FIERCE and FLATTERING clothes here in the Philippines, where most people are a size 0 to a size 10.
Yes! Unfortunately, most Filipinos are very thin, which makes it more difficult for Plus Size women like me to find trendy outfits.

I can still remember how my father hated accompanying me to malls to buy clothes because when I was young nothing would fit.

Aside from that, I honestly have to admit that a lot of Plus Size Brands have disappointed me since the clothes they sell show that they don't really know the BODY of a Plus Size Woman...
Most clothes I have seen/ bought are either ill-fitting or make me look heavier, which is something I don't really need.

I have tried having my own clothes sewn personally for me, but the seamstress never gets it right. They never get the look I want to achieve, and I end up wasting a lot of money for clothes I'll never wear.

I am not the typical Plus Size woman who settles for whatever is there! I search, and I don't stop until I look like The Most Fashionable Confident Woman in the room.

Outfit searching is very difficult during the Christmas Season when there are  a lot of parties to attend, and during the Summer Season when everyone is excited to come out in their sexiest swimwear, but times have changed and the Plus Size of today are more fortunate.

To all Plus Size women who have the same dilemma, I have decided to come up with a list of stores I admire so that just like me, you could look FIERCE as ever.

My Top Plus Size favorites

Marks and Spencer

Yes! They definitely are expensive, but believe me when I say that it is WORTH IT!. Slacks I have purchased 3 or 4 years ago still looks as good as when I bought it.
In Marks and Spencer, you pay for Quality and Classic Styles. You'll never go wrong with your purchases here.
Most of my office attire like slacks and blouses come from Marks and Spencer because of the very classic designs that never go out of style.
For those who are on a budget, I suggest that you stay up to date on their GREAT ANNUAL SALE. This is the time when clothes go from 50 to 70% off.

Dorothy Perkins

It's a bit cheaper than Marks and Spencer, and styles are FIERCE and HIP, but choices are fewer. Just like Marks and Spencer, don't forget to watch out for their SALE. I was able to purchase jeans, which originally was marked as 1,200 pesos, for 350 pesos. It was surely a great buy!  

Robinson's Galleria Department Store

I have found great buys inside Robinson's Galleria. I really enjoy Dresses from Margaux (I hope I got it right haha). Dresses range from 1,00-1,500, but are very stylish. They also fit perfectly though there aren't so many choices.  I used to like Julia, but they haven't been updating their styles.
Honestly, there is a wide plus size section in Robinson's Galleria, but some styles are very old, and make me look fatter than what I already am. 

SM Department Store

I really love the clothes in SM Department Store, but this year their clothes have been more expensive than usual. 
If you're on a budget and in a hurry to find a perfect outfit, you'll never go wrong by visiting SM, where literally "They've  Got It All For You", which is the brands motto.
Well, not all SM Department stores are the same. I prefer SM Cubao, Megamall or MOA since the latest clothes come out there first.
Brands I like inside SM:

Ladies' Cirlce
Maldita X

They use to carry a brand called SHE, which is by Plains and Prints. They had amazing clothes, but closed a year or two ago.

Forever 21

This is the Fashion Haven of plus Size Women. Because of Forever 21, Plus Size Women were given a chance to dress as sexy as everyone else.
My very first tube dress came from Forever 21. After my first purchase, I make sure to visit their store in SM Megamall at least once every month.
They have a wide variety of clothes, and styles are very up to date!
Forever 21 is a dream come true for the Plus Size Fashionistas.

Greenhills Shopping Center

Greenhills Shopping Center is my favorite for Export Overruns! No other bazaar has come close to offering such a wide variety of Plus Size Clothes.
I have bought skirts, slacks, summer dresses, swimsuits and even FORMAL dresses in this place. Some stores can be quite expensive so don't forget to haggle!
I have purchased a dress which originally cost 1,200 pesos, for only 600. (ALWAYS GIVE YOUR PRICE, and DON"T IMMEDIATELY JUST SETTLE) haha



The name speaks for itself (SELF-LOVE)
If you're CONFIDENT and FIERCE, this is the brand for you.
Their clothes are like no other, and the designers are the best people I have ever met. They truly care for every Plus Size Woman out there, and they want each and everyone to know that you are SPECIAL and BEAUTIFUL no matter what.
For the designers, Aries and Berna, it's not about the money, but about reaching out to all the FIERCE PLUS SIZE WOMEN out there.

I was given the rare opportunity to represent this brand in Empressario Manila's Runway Show. It was a dream come true, which was made possible by the AWESOME ERZULLIE FAMILY. Not only do they have the most stylish clothes, but I discovered and became part of Plus Size Family who knows what it is to be a Plus Size Woman.

Their clothes are WORTH IT, priced reasonably and their styles are ONE of a KIND!
I can see a great promising future ahead for this Brand... 
Please wait for their RESORTS 2012 Collection!
My life will never be the same again...Thanks to ERZULLIE!
Please visit their website

Remember ladies, beauty comes from within. It doesn't matter what size, shape, color you are. If you believe in yourself then everything else will follow! Don't ever doubt yourself just because you look different. Beauty comes from DIVERSITY!

Until next time Fierce Ladies!




  1. The major problem foreign women face is the lack of cool cotton clothing. Most of the clothing is synthetic and hot. I find it almost impossible to find linen, cotton and cotton voile dresses. The Philippines is a very hot and humid country so jeans, jackets and other apparel are simply silly to wear here.

  2. hiya.. am hoping you can help..

    im looking for some swimwear (read US 16 :) ) and im terribly stuck.
    Can you please tell me where to go to try stuff on.