Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Splurge On What?

December is the season of giving and sharing, but we must not forget to GIVE to the most important person in the world, which is OURSELVES!
Yes! We are so busy buying gifts for our loved ones that we forget that we too need the extra TLC.
So I have decided to share the :

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Top 5

Splurge on a good massage. It is important to go to trusted SPA's to have your Beauty and Relaxation. I have experienced going to spa's who don't give me my money's worth. On the label they'd say, 1 hour massage for 299, only to find out that after 30 or 35 minutes, my massage was done. 
I also don't like getting all stressed up waiting for my turn. When I set an appointment, I want them ready as I arrive. That's good service! 
There are two places I can certainly recommend for those who need a great massage after the holiday rush. Pls. try visiting Ahavia Lounge Spa  if you are on a budget, and Tian-Di Spa if you are willing to give yourself that extra treat.  Both are located in San Juan City.

Top 4

Splurge on good food. Since everyone is attending parties, why not hang out while enjoying great food. Everyone has an excuse to eat and be merry because of the holiday season. I suggest going to trusted Eat-All-You-Can restaurants like YAKIMIX in Podium and SAMBOKOJIN where you'll surely get your money's worth.
If you are not a big eater try restaurants like Cookbook Kitchen in Eastwood, Maimee's Garden Cafe in San Juan or Charlie's Grind and Grill along Ortigas. 

Top 3

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Splurge on good make up and moisturizers. With the busy schedules and all the Christmas rush, it would be good to have time to pamper ourselves with the best beauty products. You can never go wrong when splurging on things that can make us ever so YOUTHFUL. I have recently discovered great products from Human Nature. It's affordable and very effective. I usually breakout with pimples when I try new things on my face and body, but I have been so satisfied that I have ordered their products even for my friends this Christmas. Please do try the Sunflower Beauty Oil since it can do wonders from removing dark circles around your eyes, creating shiny beautiful hair, and even whiten your dark underarms. It is truly nature's wonder.
 Below is a list of my simple everyday beauty essentials aside from my Human Nature Products, which I have been using:

BB Cream with Chamomile ( Face Shop)
Face Powder ( Garnier)
Eye Liner- Maybeline Dramatic Gel Liner
Mascara- Covergirl/ MAC
Lipgloss- Burt's Bees
Lipstick- Revlon Color Stay

As you can see, there are beauty products I do splurge on like my Mascara (since I hate those that smudge), and my lip gloss (since I want to keep my lips red and healthy)
I hate make up that's not waterproof because I want to make sure that my make up stays on from morning until night since I don't have time to be reapplying.
Just a secret...I never splurge on Make Up removers since ("TRUST ME"), they all work the same. I use Ever Bilena Make up Remover, and I have been very happy with it.

Top 2

Splurge on Travel. Explore the world while you still can. Take road trips with family and friends. For short road trips, why not go to Tagaytay, and enjoy a meal at Bag of Beans or Drive to Extremely Expresso Cafe in Subic after going on a shopping spree in Duty Free. They both have fantastic food!
For more expensive travels, why not explore Bellarocca Island or the Caramoan Islands if you are in for an adventure. 

Top 1

Last but not the least, Splurge on ALONE TIME. At the end of a busy day, wouldn't it be great to stay in bed and sleep all day or stay at home and watch those shows you have been dying to see. I recommend series like : Modern Family, Awkward, Cougar Town,  New Girl... and my favorite PARENTHOOD. It really does bring me to tears.

I shall end my blog for now. I hope you enjoy your Christmas Holidays by planning ahead!



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