Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Thank God! I'm Not Cinderella


When I think about the story of Cinderella, the first thing that comes to my mind are her Glass Slippers, and how it accidentally slipped of her foot while running away from the Prince.

Sometimes I even think that her fairy godmother made a mistake by giving her a pair that was a size too big.

Honestly, It actually must have been very embarrassing for her to lose a shoe while running away from her prince charming (because it's not Romantic at all). It's a good thing that it has actually never happened to me (both losing a shoe and having to run away from my Prince).

So why did I suddenly think of Cinderella...Well, as I woke up today, I felt uneasy because my room was cluttered up with boxes and boxes of different shoes, so I decided to arrange them and sort them out. I discovered that this year alone, I have purchased so many shoes some of which I have never even worn yet...

I decided to write about my favorite shoes this 2011

I bought these in Robinson's Galleria last May during my Birthday. The colors and style really caught my attention as the perfect Summer shoes. They are comfortable and give you just the right amount of height. I honestly couldn't decide which one to buy, so I bought both pairs, which were luckily on SALE

      when it was brand new

  after 7 months of wearing it every day

Fitflops are really expensive but worth it. I'm very happy that a close friend gave me a pair during my birthday. It's comfortable and can be worn with almost anything (jeans, shorts, skirts, leggings etc). It's really good to invest in a pair since it's very durable. They say it gets you toned up, but after seven month of wearing it, I cannot fully promise that it will...

I got this pair of Aldo pumps in a Shoe addict sale which I went to with my sister and friends. You may visit their page on Facebook for updates on the next venue and date of the SALE. Shoe Addict sells branded shoes for half the price.  I was luckily invited by my friends and placed on the guest list last July, when they had their once a year Shoe Addict Buy 1 Take 1 Sale (2 pairs for the price of 1).

My first ever NUDE pumps... a must have in every closet came from BRASH in Payless. It's a bit pricey, but it's really worth it. It elongates your legs and gives you added height. It will fit any of your outfits, and looks great on anyone.
Brash also released pumps with animal prints, unfortunately, they were sold out quickly...

My hot pink Parisian heels. I got this pair for the Erzullie Fashion Show last November.It's affordable and comfortable. I wore this even during our practices for the Fashion Show, so I can guarantee its durability... It surely will catch your ATTENTION!

I got this pair of Knee Length boots in Schu during their closing sale in Robinson's Galleria. I got it for less than a thousand. As a plus size, it's usually very difficult to find boots that would fit my legs, but this one, fits perfectly...

My reliable, stylish and one of a kind, Baker boots... This came all the way from the United States. It was given by my best friend's mom! It goes perfectly with shorts or skinny jeans... I'll surely bring this beautiful pair of boots to Korea next year since  I rarely get to wear them because it's very hot here in the Philippines, but every time the weather gets a bit cooler, you'll surely see me in this.

When my good friend, Rina went to Korea last November, she brought me home a pair of pink pumps... I seriously love the color and style!

My sexy strappy heels from People are People. I got this at 80% off...Thank God for discounts!

and the best shoes mom and dad's Christmas gift for me this 2011...Brash Glitter Pumps! It's FIERCE, SEXY and COMFORTABLE...Thank you mom and dad for this FANTABULOUS GIFT! It's expensive, but it made me smile!

The next pairs are not new at all...but are all time favorites:

My Pink Nike SB ordered from abroad
For my outdoor activities...Since I love PINK, even my sneakers have to be pink!

My super sexy Marks and Spencer Boots
This is perfect for your knee length pencil cut skirt... I look very professional in this pair!

Tips on How To Get the Perfect Shoes
1. Don't just fit the shoes, walk around with both for at least 2 to 3 minutes. It's not enough to just see if it fits, you have to feel the shoes and make sure the height is just right!
2. Buys shoes late in the afternoon after your feet have expanded from all the standing and walking you have done throughout the day. 
3. If the shoes are tight when you buy it, don't expect it to fit better after some time. You will only hurt your feet in the process. You must not buy anything that's to loose either. It will be definitely difficult to walk in if they're big (I don't think you want to be the next Cinderella right?) When you buy it, it must fit perfectly.
4. Buy from trusted brands. Buying cheap shoes that won't last will only end up making you spend for more. When shoes come from trusted brands and cost a bit, you are guaranteed of Quality...
5. Buy classic pieces that will go with almost all your clothes in your closet so that you could maximize those shoes.

Just a few tips:

1. Before I wear really high shoes, I dab a bit of Sunflower Oil from Human Nature on my foot. This lessens the pain caused by the friction from your high heels.
2. When the back part of my pumps hurt the back of my ankles, I add a dab of petroleum jelly to the back of the shoes so that it would glide smoothly on my feet.
3. After a long day on your high heels, lie on your back with your feet raised (if possible resting on the wall) for about 15 minutes. This will prevent varicose veins and will help with your blood circulation : )

To end my blog, I'd just like to say, that wearing the perfect shoes can add the extra dazzle to your outfit and accentuate it, but wearing the wrong one, can actually break your best outfit, so be careful with your shoe choices.
But more than style, you must think of comfort. If you have the greatest shoes ever but can't walk in them then it's a waste. Remember, it's very obvious when one is having a hard time walking with the shoes she has on! It isn't sexy or flattering at all. Therefore if you can't wear it then don't : )

Unlike Cinderella, if I lose a shoe, I wouldn't have to worry because I have so many more to wear : ) I guess I consider myself lucky with shoes but not with Prince Charming : ) Well. Just like Cinderella, we can't have it all

Until next time, Fierce Ladies



  1. Thanks : ) Actually I left some behind in the office. : ) Thanks for appreciating the post