Thursday, February 02, 2012

Speed Dating 101

It's the month of LOVe and HEARTS. As a SINGLE woman you can just imagine how much I hate it when this month approaches, so I decided to lighten things up by writing about my attempts to finding my PRINCE CHARMING through SPEED DATING!

I am NO EXPERT when it comes to DATING! Actually a lot of my past dates have been disastrous. However, I kinda consider myself an expert when it comes to SPEED DATING. If you're wondering why, it's because I have been to about 4 or 5. Even if I never got the chance to have a relationship with the guys I met, I have actually had coffee or a second and third date with the guys I met.

I suddenly recalled my SPEED DATING days and decided to write about it when I heard that my friends would be going to one soon! I hope they get tips from this BLOG of mine

Before joining a SPEED DATING EVENT, one must:

1. Check if the organizers are REPUTABLE! I have been to SPEED DATING EVENTS, which were not organized properly so the event turned out to be a total flop. Not only was the venue lousy, but the people you met were CREEPY. I actually attended one wherein the guy I spoke to was about 60 years old. (talk about AWKWARD)

So how would you know if the ORGANIZERS can be TRUSTED! 
First, it would be good if they had a website you could check on. A Website where you could browse their past events and the people they chose to join.

Second, the event should have a targeted age. You can't have a dating event wherein you allow 18 year old guys to talk to 30 year old women. An age limit should be set.

Third, You have to make sure there is a screening process just to make sure you get your money's worth. Usually a good organizer would ask for your Social Networking Sites just to make sure that there is some kind of compatibility among the people they will allow to join.

Fourth, Look at the VENUE! It should a least be DECENT enough to have a nice conversation with someone. 

2. Practice your SPEAKING SKILLS! Speed Dating is all about impressing people in 3 to 4 minutes. What comes out of your mouth will define you as a person.

3. Wear something APPROPRIATE! you wouldn't want to be over-dressed or too sloppy. First impressions really last. Wear something you are comfortable and confident in. Actually, if I had known about ERZULLIE during those times, I would have worn them since their pieces are CLASSY, COMFORTABLE and FASHIONABLE.

4. Never go as a group of FRIENDS. This will mean that you will only be interacting with the SAME people/ with each other. If you don't want to go alone, bring a close friend of the same gender.

During the EVENT:
1. Don't give too much information. Don't talk about your past relationships or your family problems. Stick to your interests, hobbies, line of work etc. 

2. Don't pretend to be someone else. You could definitely have a future with someone you'll meet. You wouldn't want to start your relationship with the wrong idea about each other.

3. Speak in a language you are comfortable in. Don't pretend to be slang or British if you are not. I have seen girls like this, and it surely was a major turn-off.

4. Don't eat while the EVENT is going on. You wouldn't want your mouth full while talking to your partner.

5. Don't look too DESPERATE! Guys can smell a desperate woman.

6. NEVER EVER admit that you have been to more than 1 SPEED DATING EVENT. It makes you look DESPERATE and PATHETIC. Always act as if it were your FIRST. I have been an expert on this.

After the EVENT:
1. Accept invitations to go out with someone you like.This will give you the opportunity to know the person more. I usually go to a Coffee and Dessert place after.

2. Don't accept an invitation if you are not comfortable or if you don't like the person. Decline respectfully and say that you have to go home immediately.

3. Never get a ride home with a person you just met even if he has the HOTTEST car in the world. You can put yourself in a lot of danger. I personally did this after going out with a guy after the EVENT. My mom scolded me big time when I got home, and that's the only time I realized the DANGER of what I did.

4. Exchange numbers so that you could keep in touch.

My most unforgettable Speed Dating Event was back in 2010. After waiting for 2 hours, only 2 girls and 8 guys  showed up. It was really an AWKWARD situation. The guys decided to continue with the event, and since we were only 2 girls during the event, we decided to just sit and eat in 1 long table. The difficult part was trying to get to know everyone without making the other guys feel out of place, but the best part was having so many guys to choose from. At the end of the EVENT, I went out to with someone I enjoyed talking to, and had coffee and dessert until midnight. We went out 2 or 3 times after and kept in touch through texting. We didn't turn out to be partners, but I gained a new friend.

Go to the EVENT for FUN. Don't expect too much, so as not to get DISAPPOINTED. Enjoy the experience and hope that a MIRACLE happens.

Until Next Time, Fierce Ladies





    I'm glad you're done with that phase in your life (are you? because I sure am!)


  2. Wow, great tips! :)

    I've never tried attending speed dating, kasi I'm not fond of best-foot-forward stuff. I'm used to it-just-happened type of love story haha. It's great to know that you enjoyed and earned cool friends in the process.

  3. I've been to a few awful venues in regards to dating events but it never really effected the quality of the people involved. It was more about the quality of the service I suppose.