Monday, February 13, 2012

Never In My Wildest Dreams

Last February 11, 2012, another dream of mine came true! I was included in Erzullie's Resort 2012 photo shoot. Honestly, I was very NERVOUS because I did not want to disappoint Ms. Aries and Berna, who have been so supportive of us.
This photo shoot was a really big and important thing to them because we were representing the BRAND, which they created and have put all their time and effort on.

I arrived  at exactly 5 a.m. in Ms. Aries's Residence. When I arrived, Loren was already there. Ms. Berna and Ms. Aries took turns fixing our hair and making our skin as flawless as possible. I must admit they did a SUPER DUPER GREAT JOB.

I was also fascinated by the great eyelashes provided to us by Ravish Lashes and the make up by Krave Minerale.

After all of us were made up, we proceeded to Rouge Studio for the photo shoot, and I was the first one up.

I started off a bit shaky and uncomfortable. I think it was because I was the very first one under all those lights and camera. It is also my very first time to be an ICON for such a great brand. I was very lucky that Ms. Aries was very supportive throughout the shoot. She gave me pieces of advice and directed me exceptionally well. She did not give up. The photographers were very patient as well.

After awhile, Ms. Aries said I looked more comfortable. I think I started to get the hang of it. The other ICONS were naturals. It was as if they were born for the cameras, and this inspired me to step up as well.

During the shoot, I realized that ERZULLIE gave me this wonderful opportunity which I'm sure a million girls would have wanted to have, so I just had to do my best and give my all. Besides, they chose me because I was confident in my own skin.

The best part of the shoot was having Leigh Villegas of Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition with us. She was a delight to be with during our shoot.

I never though that the "behind the scenes" could be so chaotic. Everything happened so quickly, and I didn't realize that time flew so fast.

After a few hours of changing clothes, make up retouches and running here and there, we finally had to wrap up. I  honestly consider the shoot a success, and I can't wait to see the finish product of our shoot. I hope our photos give JUSTICE to ERZULLIE because the clothes are AMAZING!!!

I must end by saying thank you to my ERZULLIE family for giving me such a wonderful experience.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think of being an ICON. I guess dreams still do come true even when you're OLD. Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE!

 with owner of Krave Minerale and Leigh Villegas

The ICONS with Leigh Villegas

I just can't wait to get a hold of their RESORT 2012 collection, and I'm really excited for our FIRST LOOK of the collection on Feb 18, 2012.
I also can't wait to meet new awesome friends during the EVENT.

Until Next Time, Fierce Ladies



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