Saturday, December 29, 2012

My Top Ten Shoes for 2012

It's been seven months since I last wrote something here.My last blog was written on my 29th birthday. To be honest, this year has been crazy for me---new set up at work plus continuing M.A. Education. I think crazy is even an underrated word...
but I couldn't let this year pass without talking about what kept me sane... SHOES! I have chosen my top ten shoes for this year (meaning I splurged on more than that). To be exact, I had 15 new pairs this year, and only those I value and have kept me happy are included in this post. Some were very cheap and affordable but seriously hurt like hell. Some didn't even last and so couldn't be included in this post.
Included below are insanely GOOD buys. They don't hurt and are worth every penny since they're also very stylish.

My MAY purchase
1,500 pesos only---original price was 3,000

This one is even a better buy- 500 pesos only

Both purchased in a clearance sale held by Shoe Addict in CCA, Katipunan

My AUGUST purchase
My bestfriend actually convinced me to buy my very first pair of flats. She said it was comfortable and made your feet really white. I don't regret at all. They're durable, stylish and goes with whatever I feel like wearing. I purchased this pair in Payless when we went on a long weekend trip to Subic.

My NOVEMBER purchase
I purchased this pair on sale in a Rockwell Bazaar. This pair is my second flat shoes. They're foldable so it's very easy to bring around. I also love the color combination. Surely,  another great find.

My DECEMBER purchase
Colorful wedge shoes from People are People. Thanks to my sister for this super comfortable and eye-catching pair.

Purchased from Shoe Addict during their December Sale. Got this for 500 pesos only.

Another purchase from Shoe Addict.

This is my bestfriend's Christmas gift to me. I chose it because it is a perfect addition to my collection. I already have this in Nude and Silver...This gold pair was hard to resist plus you can never go wrong with BRASH.

This is Jade, Jonel and Mig's Christmas Gift to me. My third flats for this year.

My hopefully last purchase for this month...Pink Cheetah Pumps which I got on SALE at People are People. This is surely my favorite. It's fierce and pink. Truly a very very perfect buy.

For my next blog,watch out for:
1. Top ten outfits I purchased
2. Highlights of my 2012
3. My new year's resolution

Until next time, Fierce Ladies



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