Sunday, May 13, 2012

On Turning 29

I must admit that I get mixed emotions every time my birthday is about to come up. I feel really happy knowing that family and friends take time to greet and surprise me during this day. However, reality does sink in that I am not getting any younger, and that there is still so much I want to do in life, and time seems to be running out.

Of all the birthday's I had, I will never forget my 16th, 18th, and 27th birthday.

On my 16th and 18th birthday, my family and friends gave me a surprise party. I still remember on my 18th birthday, I volunteered to help in the National Elections, and as I got home, my friends and family were all waiting inside our house. I knew something was fishy because there were so many cars parked outside our house. It kind of gave away the surprise, but not knowing who my parents invited and seeing everyone there made me really really happy.

For 4 or 5 years now, my colleagues/ friends have found a way to make me feel special. They'd all come to school in pink, and most or all of my gifts would either be pink or a hello kitty item. Last year, I had a surprise party in the faculty workroom.
My last year with the English dept. 2009

My 27th Birthday 2010

My family in pink

Had a big celebration last maraming friends

My 28th birthday (2011) in the office

I specifically had a big celebration last 2010 because I just felt that everything was falling into place. The year started out right, and it seemed that everything I had wished for or wanted eventually followed. I was truly blessed. 
I started 2010 by losing 20 pounds, which evetually I gained back in 2011. I was given a new assignment at work, had exciting travels to Caramoan and Boracay, took driving lessons and bought a car, got a dog, and overcame my fear of blood and needles. I am proud to say that 2010 was my year. 

Unfortunately, 2011 was not as great. I still had some good things to be thankful for like being surprised by my Unit 3 teachers with a simple but heartwarming celebration, being accepted as a runway model for a plus size brand, and finding a buyer for my crappy car, which only gave me headaches in all the 8 months I had it. I didn't have a big celebration last year because my finances were a mess since the car had to be repaired every month.

Anyway those are all in the past now. This 2012, I don't feel as lucky or as negative either. I feel I'm just stable. So far, I haven't broken a single New Year's Resolution. I have actually accomplished most of it in just 5 months. I have won "Biggest Loser" in our school, have started a healthier lifestyle, went on a Korea, Bellarocca and Cebu trip, have given away old things to clean up and organize my closet, and I was able to try a "New Look" (kind of by accident since my hair started to fall off)

So what am I looking forward to this year: A lot of changes! I'm assigned a new role at work again. It's still a bit similar to my old work, but things are still unclear since it's transition year because of the k12 upgrade. I also want to be able to go on a Cambodia trip before my next birthday...

If I could be given a chance, I'd choose not to grow old. Life was way simpler when I was young. Problems were so petty, but with age comes more experiences and more wisdom, and I certainly want that as well. Since I can't stop myself from growing old, I must make the most of the year to come so that I can look back and say that it was a year well lived. 

I pray that God continues to guide me in whatever challenges I'll be facing this year. In the 29 years that I have lived, he is the constant thing in my life who has never disappointed me. Sabi nga nang Spiritual director ko last year, " Chaveli, you are spoiled by God. You are a spoiled brat because God has been so good to you, and almost everything you want in your life he has given, so if he has not given to you the 1 thing that your heart desires, you must be PATIENT"... To this day, I am still praying for that 1 thing he has asked me to be patient about, and I know that God will give everything at the right time : )

So as I celebrate my 29th birthday tomorrow, I pray for courage to face difficulties and for patience because God has a plan for me. 

To my family and friends, i love you all. Thanks for always being there even in the craziest times of my life. 

More than my 29th birthday, I am looking forward to my 30th birthday because I know it will open a more exciting chapter in my life.

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