Thursday, May 10, 2012

Why It's More Fun In THe Philippines Part 2

Part 2:

Last May 4-6, I went to Cebu. It wasn't my first time because last 2011, I went to Cebu for work related purposes. What made this trip special and different was having new friends to enjoy the place with and seeing for the very first time a Religious Profession.

We arrived on the evening of May 4. Our 6 p.m. flight got delayed, so we arrived in Cebu at about 9 p.m. My friends and I agreed to stay in the retreat house in Lawaan City where the Religious Profession the next day would take place. As soon as we brought our things to the room prepared for us, we immediately decided to have dinner and drinks just to be able to make the most of our first night in Cebu. We took a cab, and went to Giligan's Bar and Resto in Ayala Center. We ordered some finger food and had some drinks. We also had a chance to meet up with two of my other friends who were also in Cebu for a vacation.

The next day was more exciting. I attended a Religious Profession. I didn't know what to expect, but the celebration was very solemn and the music was just fantastic. My friends really felt touched by the whole celebration because they personally knew some of the brothers who were having their profession. After the celebration, my friends really took their time to approach and take pictures with the brothers, whom they miss a lot. I didn't join the picture taking since I was hesitant to be in pictures with people I have not known personally. Joining them would mean, having to be introduced again and again, and I didn't want all that hassle. Plus, I don't really like being in crowded places (except when shopping) or being in awkward situations.

After all the excitement and the free buffet lunch served for the people who attended, we decided to take a road trip to Oslob, Cebu where we would be able to see and swim with the famous whale sharks (Butanding). What I love about my friends ,who were with me in this trip, is the fact that they enjoy road trips as much as I do. We just love adventure, and I must admit our Oslob Trip was a trip to remember. 
The bus trip was suppose to be 3 hours long, but because of the traffic in the city, it took us almost 4 hours. In the bus, I did nothing but sleep. The driver was quite crazy. He would drive really fast, and would brake just as fast. If made me dizzy, so I had no choice but to sleep during the whole bus ride.
We arrived in time for dinner. Since it was late, we definitely couldn't swim with the whale sharks anymore.  
The place is quite remote: no hip restaurants and coffee places... just plain simple home-cooked meals at very affordable prices. Since most of the eateries there looked alike, we choose to eat in a place where an attractive poster was displayed near the entrance. We were not disappointed... Food was simple, affordable and I think I was satisfied.
with my really nice new friends

We ended the day, with a few drinks and some heart to heart talk about life. We went to bed early because Day 2 in Oslob, Cebu was surely going to be more exciting, and we just couldn't wait.

In Oslob, Cebu

Day 2 had to start at 5 a.m. We rode a tricycle to the beach where we were given a short orientation regarding the whale sharks. We rode a small boat and not very far from the shore, whale sharks were already visible. Once the boat stopped, we were allowed to go down the open water and swim near the whale sharks. Even if I love to swim or (should I say float), I started to panic as soon as the guide told me that a whale shark was right beneath me. Even without my snorkeling gear, I saw the whale shark clearly. It was big and scary. Though harmless, it freaked me out. I asked the guide if I could go back to the boat and he said I could, but had to discover how to go up... (That wasn't easy!) Since I couldn't go up the boat, I decided to swim and see the whale sharks from a distance. It was astounding to be able to swim beside these creatures. I also marveled at how beautiful the sea was. I just couldn't think about anything else, but of how Great God is because he created all this.
Unfortunately, even if I did have fun swimming with whale sharks, I felt like something was biting me everywhere in my body.

Pictures below, show us before and after the whale shark experience:

Whale Shark Orientation

After our whale shark adventure, we headed back to our simple yet comfortable lodging to pack our things and to head back to Cebu City.

We had lunch in Hukad in Ayala Center.  The best dish for me was their Adobong Talong. Servings were big, but service could have been improved. 

After lunch, we bought some souvenirs and food for our families and friends in Manila. Our flight back to Manila was delayed so we took some photos while waiting.

Honestly, 3 days in Cebu was not enough. Even with the extremely hot and humid weather, I still want to go back to try the Sky Experience Adventure in the Crown Regency hotel and towers or go to Kawasan falls to feel the refreshing water or go to Bantayan Island : ) I'm happy because I actually still have reasons to go back.

I left Cebu with a heart filled with happiness. I met new friends, experienced something new and had a short but meaningful adventure just before all our work in school starts to pile up. I will cherish these memories, and hope that it doesn't end with this trip.

I honestly look forward to more trips with these Awesome and Funny people. 

Until my next trip, Fierce Ladies!



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