Sunday, December 30, 2012

Food. Food. Food

I promised I'd write about my top ten favorite outfits, however, our laundrywoman did not come for the past two weeks, so all my favorite outfits are in the laundry since I wore them to different parties (which means I can't take an actual photo of those clothes), so this made me think of an even better topic: FOOD

Yes, you heard me right...My friends might say that since I have been dieting this 2012, I am not in the position to write about food, however, I must admit that though I controlled food intake on most of the days, I had cheat days to still enjoy.

I will take this opportunity to write about great food finds this 2012, and I hope that you get to try these places and enjoy the food as much as I did.

1. Wooden Spoon in Katipunan, Quezon City
✓ Stuffed Pechay and their Desserts are to die for.
✓Everything we tried was yummy
✓Service is excellent
✕ Place is quite small so you have to wait to be seated

2. Eat Fresh Famous Hong Kong Street Food in San Juan City
Enjoying a meal at Eat Fresh after work

✓Laksa is highly recommended
✓A variety of food to choose from --- street food (isaw/ intestine) to short orders like Salt and Pepper Squid
✓They serve Lemonade, fruit shake and even Milk Tea
✓Very Affordable
✓There is an available place for dine in and a separate place for take out
✕Parking can be a problem
✕You'll smell like food once you leave the place

3. Pastry Princess in Granada, New Manila Quezon City
My friends and I with Jessa, the staff, of Pastry Princess

✓Salted Caramel and Red Velvet are must tries
✓Very friendly staff
✓Relaxing place to sit and chat
✓Baked by the owner herself (a young teenage girl)
✕Some flavors are only available on certain days
✕They close early because once the cupcakes are sold, they don't come up with a new batch

4. Afters Espresso and Desserts in Tomas Morato, Quezon City
My favorite lava cake with espresso

top left (Owner of Afters)

✓ Lava cake, Green Tea Latte and Homemade Gelato are my favorites
✓Cozy place to hang out
✓Very strong WIFI connection
✓Stays open even when late
✓Owner is very friendly and makes his guest feel comfortable
✓Gelato is prepared by the owner---Must try: Ferrero and Salted Caramel
✕Main Courses are really limited because it's really an after dinner place

5. GREENS Vegetarian Restaurant in Tomas Morato, Quezon City
Our order of Vegetarian Kebab

✓ sisig and kebab taste like real meat
✓relaxing ambiance
✓a variety of food to choose from
✕not for the meat lovers

6. Paire Cocktails and Pastries in Scout Tobias, Quezon City

✓ Drink All You Can Cocktails
✓Colorful place with relaxing interiors
✓A variety of tasty food to choose from
✓big servings
✓Can be rented for different occasions

7. Greeka Kouzina in San Juan City

✓Lamb Souvlaki, Moussaka, Lamb Meatball Pasta and Greeka Baby Back Ribs are heaven
✓Food is for sharing
✓Sidings are so worth it
✓Outstanding Service
✕Quite Expensive
✕Place easily gets full so reservation will be needed

8. Vikings in SM Marikina

After trying a lot of buffet places this year, I conclude that compared to Yakimix, Sambokujin, Alba, Something Fishy and Buffet 101...Vikings would be my favorite
✓A variety of choices with drinks and dessert included
✓food is immediately replenished
✓Price is very competitive when compared to other buffet places

9. Zoricho in Silver City

✓ very tasty Chorizo/ longganisa
✓A variety to choose from
✓Different kinds of vinegar available to go with your meal
✓The best Red Velvet Cake Ever
✓Sell raw chorizo/ sausages for take out (Mini Deli)
✕Quite Expensive
✕Serving Quite Small
✕Other meals are not as good...I suggest that you stick to their specialty (Sausages/ Chorizo)

10. U. P. ... yes!, as in University of the Philippines
✓ Best Isaw (Pork and Chicken Intestines) ever
✓Fruit shake tastes better than Jamba Juice and is way cheaper
✓Street food (Noodles, Fishballs etc) also available
✓Good hangout or jogging venue
✓Most affordable place to eat
✓No problem with parking

Other establishments I tried and are good, but didn't make it to the Top Ten
Ababu in Katipunan
Shi Lin in Podium
Tapsi ni Vivian (with the best Bulalo/ Beef Soup)
Ken Afford (Affordable Homecooked Meals)
Flaming Wings
Little Store
Le Ching
Charlie's Grind and Grill

Until Next Time, Fierce Ladies


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